Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses
Rathika is an expert in advising clients on a wide range of legal issues relating to the recruitment sector. In particular, she provides advice in relation to The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (The Conduct Regulations), which is a complex piece of legislation. The Conduct Regulations contain a number of procedural requirements with regarding to placing work seekers with hirers and also include restrictions on the ability to charge transfer fees once an introduction has been made. As a result of her knowledge in this area, Rathika has successfully used the legislation to ensure that clients have not been charged fees incorrectly, avoiding the commencement of legal proceedings.

Rathika is also experienced at drafting contractual documentation on behalf of the agencies/businesses, the hirers and/or the individual work seekers, tailoring it to each client’s needs as required.

Charitable Organisations
Having acted for a number of charities over the years, Rathika has a wealth of experience in dealing with the challenges faced when working with both paid members of staff and unpaid volunteers. In particular, she seeks to understand the workings of the organisation, taking into consideration its size and resources available, so that she is able to take a pragmatic approach to resolving any issues that may arise.